Social Media Management

With an ever-growing number of users on social media platforms, it is important for your brand to not only be present on these platforms but to connect with your customers, constantly engage with them and convert them into your fans and followers. Additionally, using the right mix of social mediums and a good strategy could help you grow your reach and influence conversions.

Why choose Social Media?

Stay connected with your customers & engage with them.

Since search engines include social profiles of brands in popular search, improve your brand visibility.

Social media helps address customers at each stage of the purchase cycle.

Studies suggest that individuals who are connected with brands show enhanced Brand Loyalty.

How can we help your Brand with Social Media Management?

  • Building your social media profiles - We help you build your social media profiles, including branding & logo design if required.
  • Develop a social media strategy – Once we understand your brand and your target audience, we will develop a communication plan with post types, frequency and type of content.
  • Develop creative – Based on the communication plan, we will develop creatives for the different mediums.
  • Scheduling post and execution – We will ensure seamless execution and scheduling across platforms.

Why engage with Pentagon?

  • Because we will first immerse ourselves in understanding your Brand. We value talking to customers and potential target audiences and understanding where they are coming from. It is only then that we suggest our approach.
  • Because Research is also a key component of all our work, we will study your Industry to understand the overall context and know what competitors are doing too in order to ensure that the strategy & creatives are optimized to suit your brand and has a unique essence.