About Pentagon Communications

Pentagon Communications was set up in 1991 at Bangalore, India and has worked with leading national and international clients. Pentagon's focus areas are Advertising, Digital Marketing, Consulting and Retail Solutions.

The Pentagon Difference – A Synthesis of Opposites

In the intensely competitive context that most businesses operate in today, we believe it is important for an organisation to give a simple and credible answer to the question as to what sets it apart from other businesses in the same area.

At Pentagon, our answer to this query is that across all our four business domains, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Consulting and Retail Solutions, we combine two sets of opposite traits – we bring the depth and maturity of a large setup along with the agility and responsiveness our more focussed structure enables us to deliver. Over the years, all the large established clients we have worked with have derived value from this synthesis of capabilities we bring to bear on all our engagements.

Our approach to our businesses is clearly articulated in The Mind and The Spirit. and our basic beliefs as an organisation are elaborated in Our Values.

Industry Recognition

Our Advertising business has won a number of awards for Press Ads, Packaging, Films and Exhibition Design at the Bangalore and Chennai Ad Clubs' Annual Awards functions. For samples of the work we have done for our clients, please view our Portfolio.

On the Consulting front, we have worked on strategic and marketing engagements with industry leaders.

Our Retail Solutions division has worked with a wide variety of leading retail clients for close to a decade.

Key Team

Manohar Mason
Managing Director

Manohar Mason quickly rose to Vice President (South) with Everest (then a Saatchi and Saatchi Agency) within a few years of entering the industry. His understanding of brands and marketing and his capacity to think originally and with great depth has been leveraged upon by the top management of companies like bigbasket, Wipro, HP, Sartorius, Indiaplaza.in (formerly Fabmall.com) Trinethra and The Forum among others.

A Chemical Engineer from REC Trichy, and a Management Graduate from IIM Calcutta. Manohar began his career with Indian Communications Network as Area Sales Manager, Bombay. He then switched to advertising and joined Clarion (then one of India’s premier Agencies and second largest in the country) and then moved to Everest Advertising, first at Bombay, then Bangalore and subsequently took over the southern operations in 1990 - 91.

Manohar and Sadhana founded Pentagon Communications in June 1991.

Having handled requirements of advertising for a wide range of clients including Procter and Gamble, Brooke Bond, Godrej, Philips, Eureka Forbes, HMT, Voltas and many others over the past, today he plays a larger role as a Consultant and has been involved in helping organizations articulate a meaningful Mission and develop viable Strategic Options, shaping Brand and Marketing strategies, driving Market Research etc. Manohar also has hands-on experience in Six Sigma Initiatives.

Manohar is as passionate about Drucker as he is about his game of Tennis.

Sadhana Rao

The ability to combine intuition with practical business realities and to inspire a team to give of its very best is the difference that Sadhana brings to the table.

Sadhana is a Post Graduate in Mass Communication. She began her career at Hindustan Thompson, a J Walter Thompson agency, then moved to Ogilvy & Mather and thereafter to Everest Advertising, then a Saatchi & Saatchi Agency.

In 1991, Sadhana founded Pentagon Communications along with Manohar.

Sadhana has handled a whole array of leading brands which include Brooke Bond, Kissan, FabMall, AMCO Batteries, Eskayef, Wipro, Digital, BPL, Welcomgroup, Tata Coffee, Taj West End, McDowells and UB.

Sadhana runs the Advertising Business of Pentagon. She was involved with the Advertising Club of Bangalore for many years and was its First Lady President in the year 1996.

Living Life to the fullest is what best describes her passion. Be it work, sports, walking the ramp, traveling or just chillin’ with friends the way a Bangalorean knows best is what makes her tick. Loving Life.

Monisha Mason
Director – Planning & Operations

Monisha had the opportunity to learn Development Economics, a subject she has found very fascinating from two entirely different perspectives. At the London School of Economics (LSE), where she did her Master’s in Population & Development, the approach was conceptual, broad and dialectic. At IFMR LEAD, a leading Development Think Tank in India, where she worked for close to five years, the approach was empirical and focused with emphasis on rigorously conducted RCTs (Randomised Control Trials), a method popularized in Development by, among others, Nobel Laureates Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo. Monisha had the opportunity to manage some Projects at IFMR where they were the Principal Investigators (PIs).

As Monisha puts it “Learning and working on a subject by looking at it from contrasting points of view really helped me to get a sense of how to contribute to articulating Policy that actually works on the ground in spite of the challenges and ambiguities inherent in a Social Science.”

Monisha then moved to Pentagon, where the focus is on Advertising, Marketing and Business Strategy. As she sees it, this is another Social Science where the ultimate challenge is to get some understanding of the complexity of human behaviour and apply it in specific situations.

The Advertising business like most other businesses has both a conceptual and an executional element to it. As Director - Planning & Operations, Monisha is responsible both for ensuring that the communication developed for Pentagon’s clients is based on authentic customer insights and factors in competitive dynamics as well as ensuring that work across the organisation gets done efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

She has a Certification in Digital Marketing (Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning & Analytics) from Columbia Business School in association with Emeritus.