Our Values

We operate in a rapidly changing environment. As we navigate through its shifting sands, it is important to have certain fixed points of reference. These take the form of values or ideals. If the synthesis of The Mind and The Spirit defines our approach to our businesses, these are the basic values that inform our thinking and our decisions in the socio-economic context we see ourselves in.

Balancing the Interests of all Stakeholders

Current management thinking, or at least the dominant stream in it, has veered around to the view that the primary purpose of an organisation is to increase shareholder value.

Pentagon has always struck a different balance. We believe that while increasing shareholder value is important, the interests of other stakeholders in an organisation, especially the customers and employees are equally important.


Our endeavour is to conduct our business with impeccable standards of integrity.

However, we see integrity as not just financial integrity, but in a much broader context as well. In a business where we live and breathe ideas, we strive to ensure that credit for important ideas goes to the right person. And in situations where we are called upon to decide on significant amounts of money to be spent by our clients, we ensure that we spend it with the same care and deliberation with which we would spend our own money.

Developing world-class Competencies in Focus Areas

Pentagon has always focussed on working with clients who are amongst the best in their businesses. Our clients have the option of dealing with others who bring a certain level of competence to their work and can also leverage on their global networks.

While we strongly believe that key skills required in our business domains and demanded by discerning clients are "mind" skills as opposed to "scale of operation" skills, we realise our responsibility to continuously sharpen and improve our skills to give our clients the very best.

We constantly think, learn and practice our business in such a manner as to ensure that we are always at the leading edge in our focus areas of Advertising, Consulting and Retail Solutions

Growth and Development

Pentagon shares the existentialist view that "Man is Potential". He can always be more than what he is.

We therefore believe that it is our responsibility as an organisation to give each employee opportunities to grow and develop themselves and provide an environment which stimulates questioning, learning and thinking.

Social Responsibility

Large economic disparities and unequal social opportunities are two unfortunate but stark realities that face us in the environment we operate.

While we recognise that tackling these problems is not the primary purpose of business entities and are also conscious of the fact that effectively addressing such issues requires skills we do not possess, we still believe it is important for us as individuals and as an organisation to contribute a portion of our time and resources to helping out in whatever little way possible in these areas.