Social Media Advertising

Increase visibility for your brand by reaching new people across different social media platforms and get more quality leads. Studies suggest that people spend a third of their time being online on social media. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or convert your potential lead, a good advertising strategy on social media can help your business reach the goals in a cost effective manner.

Why choose Social Media Advertising?

More than two-thirds of all internet users are atleast on 1 social media platform.

Studies suggest that over 75% of people use social media when making purchase decisions and to discover brands.

Advertising on social media is more cost-effective when compared to traditional advertising mediums.

With detailed targeting & customization options, you can reach specific set of audience and deliver multiple messages to them.

Reach out to customers who have shown interest in your brand with remarketing.

How can we help your Brand with Social Media Advertising?

  • Develop strategy & campaign plan – By understanding your brand, target audience and your requirements, we will develop a strong strategy to help you get maximum reach and the best results across platforms.
  • Develop creatives – We will develop the messaging & creatives to suit different post types & platforms based on the communication plan.
  • Seamless Execution – Based on the plan, we will ensure the messaging reaches the right set of audiences across the right mediums.
  • Monitor & optimize campaigns – We will also monitor the performance of each campaign across different mediums, optimize delivery & bids to improve performance to get the best results.

Why engage with Pentagon?

  • Because we will first immerse ourselves in understanding your Brand. We value talking to customers and potential target audiences and understanding where they are coming from. It is only then that we suggest our approach.
  • Because Research is also a key component of all our work, we will study your Industry to understand the overall context and know what competitors are doing too in order to ensure that the keywords & content on your website are optimized to suit your brand and has a unique essence.