E-mail Marketing

Whether your goal is to convert prospective leads into customers or interact with existing customers, e-mail marketing is an effective, cost-friendly method to deliver the right information that is meaningful to your audience and will help them in their path to purchase.

Why choose E-mail Marketing?

Engage with people who have already shown an interest in your brand or product.

Easy way to keep your customers updated on any new features, product launches and share news about the business.

Ability to customize list and send targeted messaging across different stages of the purchase cycle.

How can we help your Brand with E-mail marketing?

  • Create & Manage your mailing lists – As the first step, we will understand your target audience, and create segments & groups of mailing list. Additionally, we will maintain & review the list together with you so that each recipient is in the right segment and is sent only relevant messaging.
  • E-mail marketing strategy & plan – Based on the mailing list and your objectives, we will build a customized strategy & communication plan.
  • Developing content & designs – We will also develop content and designs that is insight driven.
  • Testing, tracking & optimizing – We will constantly monitor the performance of each message, test multiple creatives and optimize to get better results.

Why engage with Pentagon?

  • Because we will first immerse ourselves in understanding your Brand. We value talking to customers and potential target audiences and understanding where they are coming from. It is only then that we suggest our approach.
  • Because Research is also a key component of all our work, we will study your Industry to understand the overall context and know what competitors are doing too in order to ensure that the content, messaging & design are optimized to suit your brand and has a unique essence.