Advertising on Google

What are the options that Google offers for Advertising?

As the largest search engine in the world, Google is an important channel to consider to reach ones audiences.

Google offers a wide variety of options for Advertisers from Ads on the Search Engine (Google Search Ads), to reaching close to 2 million sites on the Google Display Network through Display Ads, to Shopping Ads through which a Brand can directly sell its products, to Video Ads most commonly seen on YouTube. With various creative formats for each of the Ad options, along with targeting variables that can be selected appropriately based on audiences one wants to reach out to, the Google Ads Platform is an effective way to reach audiences and enhance Marketing and Communication Campaigns.

Why consider Advertising on Google Platforms?

Google Ads can be used at every stage of the buying funnel, from creating Brand Awareness, to increasing Interactions with your Brand to Positive Brand Associations, Generating Sales and Increasing Brand Loyalty. All of the above need to be done with precise targeting and developing creative work that is both engaging yet effective.

Flexibility of Budget and having full control of your Campaigns at all times ensures that changes can be made easily and hence there is regular monitoring that happens on a continuous basis.

How can we help your Brand with Advertising on Google?

  • Advertising on Google, though simple to begin with, involves a large number of variables one has to work with. Hence, there are a lot of decisions which need to be made which involve a combination of rigourous analytics and sound judgement and this is where we can add significant value.
    For instance, it is important to know whom to target and then how to target as precisely as possible using the parameters available with Google, which may not always match the original ones that a Marketeer has defined. Here, good judgement and understanding is required to move efficiently from ones original targeting variables to the ones Google offers.
  • In addition, a key component of planning is having an effective system to arrive at the right Budget and then allocating it appropriately across the Media options under consideration, knowing when to change course and also to measure responses in as granular a way as possible.
  • A lot of thought also needs to go into thinking through the Overall Objectives, deciding which Mediums to use to further particular Objectives, at what stage it would be best to use each Medium such that one is using ones Budget efficiently and effectively. All these are areas where we can help your Brand make more optimal decisions.

Why engage with Pentagon?

  • Because we will first immerse ourselves in understanding your Brand. We value talking to customers and potential target audiences and understanding where they are coming from. It is only then that we develop our approach
  • Because Research and gleaning Insights is also a key component of all our work and we will study your Industry to understand the overall context and know what competitors are doing in order to ensure that the Campaign Plan we come up with effectively builds your Brand in the optimal way possible from a cost perspective. To give just one rather simple but important example, choosing the right Keywords is most critical for Google Search Ads and we follow a thorough and rigorous process to ensure that you are constantly choosing the most promising ones in terms of potential conversions and costs.
  • Because we are always looking at what works best for your Business. We believe in a balanced approach when it comes to budgeting; one that will help us best reach the people one wants to at the optimal frequency, yet not overspend.
  • Because we believe in close monitoring, assessing how the numbers are looking and course correcting along the way. Our A/B testing and other Analytics will also help in telling us which creative and which media options and combinations are working best for you.
  • Ultimately Conversions come at a cost. A lot of Marketing Objectives tend to go overweight on bottom of the funnel communication, which often seems to give good conversion metrics. However, over a period of time one finds that these results are sometimes ephemeral. To give an example, a pure focus on App Installs, may lead to high install numbers (the conversion metric usually used) initially. However, over a period of time one could find that high rates of Uninstalls erode most of the initial results that had been obtained. We ensure that we work with our clients to carefully arrive at Marketing Objectives that optimize overall results taking into account appropriate objectives at each stage of the funnel. What we work to deliver is a matrix of real, stable conversions not just initial, volatile conversions.
  • Because our expertise also lies in creating Video Ads too; hence we can take a whole Campaign through for your Brand right from Ideation, to Research, to Keyword Selection, to Targeting, to Developing the Creative, to Allocating Budgets, to Remarketing to Monitoring and Adapting as we move forward. Rest assured we will be there every step of the way.